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What is Live Basketball Betting?

Betting on college and pro basketball as the action is taken place, has become extremely popular over the course of the last couple of years. This kind of wagering is commonly known as live betting, or in play betting. Traditional basketball betting only allows you to bet on NBA and NCAA games before they start, or at halftime. Inplay basketball betting can be used to make wagers during stoppages of play, most commonly timeouts. Not every online bookmaker offers this live betting option. The sites that do offer basketball in game betting usually do so for both NBA and NCAA action. You can find the top Bookmakers that offer live betting on the table on this page.

Why Bet NBA and College Basketball During Games?

One common reason to bet on basketball during a game is because you didn't get your bet in before the game started. With live betting you don't have to miss out because you didn't place your wager in time. You can make bets during any timeouts during the game.

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AllState Sugar Bowl

Allstate Sugar Bowl

DATE: January 2, 2017
VENUE: Louisiana Superdome
CITY: New Orleans, LA
FOX - 7:30pm - EST

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The NOKIA Sugar Bowl, born in the depths of the depression, has survived many difficulties, including a World War, and today it ranks as one of the most uniquely successful amateur athletic achievements in the history of American sports. The NOKIA Sugar Bowl, born in the depths of the depression, has survived many difficulties, including a World War, and today it ranks as one of the most uniquely successful amateur athletic achievements in the history of American sports.
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Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl
Date: January 1, 2017
Venue: Rose Bowl
Location: Pasadena, CA
ABC - 4:30PM - EST

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The Granddaddy of Them All this New Year's Day. A college football classic, the 2011 Rose Bowl is sure to feature an exciting match-up

Held on New Year's Day since 1923 at the Rose Bowl Stadium, the Rose Bowl is the oldest college football bowl game in American history.

The Rose Bowl will be broadcast exclusively on ABC and on ESPN radio.
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Goalposts: The goalpost width between uprights is 23ft 4in in college football; in professional football the width between goalposts is 18ft 6in.

The field: for the college game has the same overall dimensions as that for the professional game, but the inbounds lines in college football are only 53ft 4in in from the sidelines, and the goal line is the equivalent of the end line on the professional field. In professional football the inbounds lines are 70ft 9in in from the sidelines.

The Ball : The ball used in professional football is all leather; colleges may use a rubber or composition-cover ball if agreed beforehand. The dimensions of the ball specified for use in college football are similar to those specified for use by professional players, except that the short circumference must be 21-21 1/4in compared to 21 1/4-21 1/2in in professional football.

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